Platinum Bubba | Indica (A)


Oz Deal Price Per Gram: $3.54
Genetics: Bubba Kush x Platinum OG Kush from California
Indica | Sativa: Indica
Effects: Potent mind effects, sedative effects on the body
Recreational: Gaming, creative
Medicinal: Chronic pain, insomnia, stress

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Strain Information

Platinum Bubba is a combination of Platinum OG Kush and Bubba Kush. This awesome value at $6 a gram! Buy in bulk and get even bigger savings! The terpene profile is full of herbal and woody aromas. The buds are small, dense and bust up really nice in a grinder.

Effects and Use

This strain has mellow effects and is great for beginners. For the price, this stuff really has a good punch! The chill effects are centred on the body, and the mind floats in total ease. This strain is ideal for social situations, sharing with friends, or kicking it at home.

For medicinal users, this strain may be helpful in treating some symptoms of chronic pain disorders, nausea and stress disorders. Furthermore, it may help to battle migraines.


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