Sour Tahoe (Craft AAAA)


Genetics: Sour Pineapple x Tahoe OG from Squamish, BC
Indica | Sativa: Indica Dominant
Effects: Potent body effects and pulsing mental engagement
Use: Evening use, chronic pain, relaxation, stress, cramps

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Strain Information

Sour Tahoe from Fire Optics is a cross of Sour Pineapple and Tahoe OG. The terpene profile is very unique, with sour kushy flavours throughout. The tight, frosty buds are bright green with orange pistil hairs.

Effects and Use

This strain is potent and leans toward indica effects. Although the effects are centred on the body, and the cerebral buzz is nothing to scoff at. This strain is great for social situations, sharing with friends, or kicking it at home.

For medicinal users, this strain may be helpful in treating some symptoms of chronic pain disorders, nausea and stress disorders. Furthermore, it may help to battle migraines.


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